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Providing the finest of gifts and upscale souvenirs since 1992
Over 3000 designs available. Any design can go on any product
8 Central Square
Bristol, New Hampshire 03222
Tel: 603-744-2600

TwinDesigns, the fine art of gifts and souvenirs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much is your minimum order?
A. Opening order is $100.00. Minimum for reorders is $50.
Q. Is your mug dishwasher safe?
A. Yes, our 11 oz. mug and artwork is dishwasher safe.
Q. How fast do you ship reorders?
A. Two to Three weeks.
Q. Can any design be put on any product?
A. Yes, any of the 3000 designs can be put on any of TwinDesigns products.
Q. Can we have our location name dropped?
A. We can name drop any name you like at no extra charge.
Q. How do I order from TwinDesigns?
A. New text to be added once order process is established.
Q. How long to open a new account?
A. It could take up to four weeks to clear a credit check. We need four trade references with phone numbers and account numbers. Also needed is a bank reference with account number and phone number.
Q. What are your methods of payment?
A. Net 25 days, COD, MasterCard/Visa.
Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located in one of the historic Amoskeag Mills on the Merrimack River in Manchester, NH. Built in the mid 1800's, it was once the largest manufacturing plant in the world. Jim and Brad's great-great grandfather was one of the paymasters for the Amoskeag Mills, so in a way they have gone back to their roots.
Q. Is all merchandise produced and shipped from Manchester?
A. Yes.
Q. When was TwinDesigns established?
A. 1991
Q. Why is it called TwinDesigns?
A. The owners, Jim and Brad Tonner are fraternal twins.
Q. Do both Brad and Jim paint?
A. No, all of the wonderful watercolors are painted by Brad. His incredibly detailed watercolors have become keepsakes of peoples travel all over the world. As you can see by TwinDesigns online gallery, Brad has mastered the art of watercolors. That is the reasons thousands of people the world over prefer a watercolor souvenir by TwinDesigns to remember their favorite places. Believe it or not Brad also does all of TwinDesigns cartooning. The beautiful flowers you may have seen are done by Jim and Brad's Mother.
Jim is the graphic artist at TwinDesigns. His job is to take Brad's watercolors and turn them into the beautiful products that everyone has come to expect from TwinDesigns. So while Brad paints another watercolor masterpiece, Jim is designing the next TwinDesigns best selling product.
It is a combination that obviously works as TwinDesigns continuing growth since it's founding in 1991 attest to. From their studio in an 1870 textile mill in Manchester, New Hampshire Brad and Jim hope to continue to please their fans around the world